Chim Chum #40

Happy Friday!  In an effort to get the word out about Chim Chum, I'm running a contest for the next two weeks.  If you've been enjoying the comic, simply add a link to your blog or social media page to:
You can even use this handy dandy logo!

Then, send me an e-mail or comment on this post with the location of your link.  I'll collect all the links and randomly draw two winners on or around September 24th, which is also the day Chim Chum #50 will post!
  • First name drawn will receive the signed, original art for Chim Chum #40
  • Second name drawn will receive a signed, original sketch of Chim Chum and the Samurai.
Thanks for your support!  And make sure you give me a heads up if you're also a web comic creator!  I'd love to add more great comics to my links list!


G1toons said...

I just stumbled on this blog, the comic is fun love the characters and designs i just posted a link on my blog hope it helps, I shall also spread the word

The Phoenix Farnsworth's Periodical said...

Alright Adrian, I posted a shout out for the Chim Chum and now my peeps are gonna find a place that'll give em a good laugh! Your welcome:>)

n8sumsion said...

I posted a comment on my blog about Chim Chum. To be fair, it may be one of the least-read blogs on the internet. But I love reading the comic, something I look forward to reading every day. Keep up the good work!

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